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Personal Training & Group Fitness Classes in Columbus, OH

From personal training to after-school programs, AIO Fitness offers a wide selection of options to choose from when it comes to your fitness goals. Each personal trainer is highly experienced and knowledgeable in what it takes to help you succeed every step of the way!

"I am thrilled with the results I have achieved from working with the trainers at AIO! They are incredibly motivating, knowledgeable and creative. It is never the same workout twice. I highly recommend the personal training staff at AIO!" - Katie S. 

While other gyms are dedicated to offering group classes and personal trainers for adults, our fitness program offers the Yeti Program for elementary and middle school students. This is perfect for sports training or an after school program to keep your youngsters disciplined and active. From adult to youth programs, our business has the supportive environment, expert trainers, and friendly staff you've been searching for. Skip the other local gyms and let us show you why we're the superior choice! Our programs include...

Personal Training:

AIO is a personal training team that has 1 goal in mind- to get our clients the results they want. AIO offers a team of personal trainers each with their own specialities. We work together to find a trainer that meets your particular needs. AIO also has a network of local nutritionists, chiropractors, and holistic doctors, to help us, should the need arise. For new or existing clients, please click here to sign up or log-in! 

Mobile Training:

Plain and simple- we come to you. No need to pack up the kids or trudge through the snow. We bring fitness to you. Home gym? Great! If not, no problem. Our trainers are equipped with a fitness bag full of equipment designed to help you meet your goals. For new or existing clients, please click here to sign up or log-in! 

Yeti (Kids) Training:

Kids need exercise! The kind of exercise that gets their heart pumping and their legs moving. That's what we do. We get the younger kiddos moving and having fun, all while teaching them the basics of balance, body control, and hand/eye coordination. As students get older, we incorporate speed, quickness, power, and agility training. For new or existing clients, please click here to sign up or log-in! 

There are many types of fitness classes these days, from Zumba and Body Pump to Pi/Yo and Boot Camp. We offer a variety of classes because we work with a diverse group of clients. If you're looking to tone up or get that cardio going, give us a call at (740) 936-3082 or download our MindBody App to signup for classes on your mobile device.

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